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WCM Association

The World Class Manufacturing Association is a not-for-profit organization of manufacturing companies founded by a group of managers and university professors in May 2006, after an international workshop held in Dublin (“Achieving Performance Excellence”).

The Association’s objective is to foster development and application of the best production practices, contributing to a more competitive system of production to the benefit of member companies, their plants and, of course, end customers.

The WCM Association promotes knowledge sharing among member companies. In addition, it appoints an official Auditor to support the program and assign “WCM Awards” to the leading plants.

One of the principal innovations introduced by this group of managers and specialists is a renewed focus on standards of excellence in manufacturing – particularly in the areas of safety, quality, time and flexibility – with a clear focus on loss management through the Cost Deployment methodology.


Through systematic identification and development of managerial skills, World Class Manufacturing aims to increase competitiveness and innovation.