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​WCM ​Academy

​​​​​​The WCM Academy is dedicated to the development of World Class Manufacturing, professional and leadership skills in support of FCA’s manufacturing activities.

Its mission is to deliver training with an appropriate balance between theory, practical simulation and application in the workplace.

The WCM Academies are organized into three levels:

  • Global: focus on knowledge creation and leadership development processes based on interdisciplinary and intercultural training, as well as standardization and sharing of the knowledge base developed within the Group

  • Regional: focus on development of WCM and managerial competencies, use of innovation tools and development of skills of specific relevance to the region

  • Plant: focus on training related to the technical application of WCM and technical training schools



In the EMEA region, the WCM Academy’s activities currently include:

  • Turin: EMEA Regional Academy
  • Melfi: Academy linked to the plant and the Campus R&D center
  • Cassino: Plant Academy
  • Sevel: Plant Academy
  • Kragujevac: Plant Academy​​

In addition to the above, all other EMEA plants are in the process of establishing a Plant Academy.

Training Catalogue

WCM Academy