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Technical Training and Roles

The Training & Consulting Technical Training team provides training solutions for the development of highly-specialized technical skills (areas of specialization include: electrical systems, industrial electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, automations, industrial technologies, etc.).

Training programs are divided into:

  • Technical Education Programs to train people for roles with a high level of manual content
  • Manufacturing Training Systems focused on how to design training for the manufacturing environment (setting up a training area, standards for manual operation, training the trainer, etc.)
  • Basic courses providing theoretical and practical know-how in various industrial technology disciplines
  • Advanced courses for development of specialized technical skills




Training & Consulting Technical Training also offers comprehensive training courses for manufacturing roles requiring a high level of technical know-how.

These range from full training for new hires to training targeted at development/improvement in a specific skill area.

  • Training and development for “Equipment Leaders for Automated Systems”
  • Training and development for “Maintainers”
  • Training and development for “Team Leaders” (coordinating Operators on manual processes)
  • Basic Training and development for “Supervisors”