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Kaizen Support

Training & Consulting provides support for improvement actions related to implementation of the acquired knowledge. Activities are developed on site, following the Genba approach, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to assess the effectiveness of the methods and tools applied. Generated savings are also tracked to enable an accurate assessment of the economic sustainability of individual Kaizen projects. Kaizen actions are developed under the guidance of expert coaches, applying a mix of theory (methods/tools) and practical application.

Major Kaizen workshops

Major Kaizen workshops typically consist of between 10 and 30 training days subdivided into modules that are spread over a medium-to-long time period.

Following a brief initial training, team members are then equipped to analyze data, plan activities, implement solutions, check results and standardize.

The time between each module is primarily used to implement physical solutions and verify their effectiveness.


Kaizen Weeks

Kaizen Weeks, which follow a “learning by doing” approach, begin with a quick presentation of basic theory and tools followed by several days of activities carried out under the guidance of a coach. Progress is recorded in a Kaizen journal. The week concludes with the team summarizing their results in a storyboard.